It has been a difficult time for everyone connected to the restaurant including our staff, us and importantly you our guests. 

We have missed being open for sit in dining and now with a cautious approach feel ready to open again.

Covid 19 has impacted on us greatly but we have completed our risk assessment and will implement the following changes in line will mandatory guidance/advice from the local government but with a degree of common sense too.

What we will be doing 

We already had a strict cleaning and hygiene system but we now have additional procedures in place.

When you are ready to book please call or email us direct - we will be participating in Track and Trace and will need a lead name and telephone number and your permission to release this info if requested up to 21 days after your visit.


We will have SD in place with fewer tables and as per guidance have 1 metre between all our tables.


We will have enhanced cleaning and sanitising in place especially in high traffic areas ie restrooms, the kitchen, dining rooms and frequently

touched points - door handles - switches - grab rails - chair backs -and tables etc.


We will have clear signage promoting the use of our hand sanitiser and cleaning stations for our staff and guests to use. 

To assist mitigate transmission by hand contact -

Your table will have all cutlery and glassware set before you arrive and will only be touched by staff when you have finished eating.

We will serve individual bread portions or rolls with wrapped butter once you have ordered as opposed to a shared basket on the table.

Menus, wine/drinks lists and condiments will be either single use or used once per service for your table only.

Tea or coffee will be served with wrapped sugar with your cup and not in a shared sugar bowl

We will kindly ask you to serve your own wine and water once we have placed the bottle on the table.

Jon will not visit the tables and kindly ask those who would normally pop into the kitchen not to do so at present.

Staff will be wearing face coverings in the dining room - and whilst not compromising service will limit the time they spend at the table side,

Our card machine will be sanitised before being brought to the table when you pay your bill. 

At all times we will make your visit as comfortable and as near to normal as we can.

How you can help us 

  You must now wear a face covering upon entering the restaurant, when you leave the table to use the restroom and when you leave at the end of the evening. This is now mandatory. Public health have identified unavoidable

 "pinch points" in some areas. This will help us reduce the risk of transmission.

We now only allow tables of up to 6 people from a maximum of 2 households. 

You will be asked to confirm this at the time of booking.

We will also use a track and trace system.

As per government advice If at the time of booking or on the day of your visit you or any of your party is feeling unwell and or Covid 19 symptomatic we

expect you to call and cancel.

When you book you accept, and are happy to dine with your guests at your table and understand the gap will be less than 1 metre. 

Please aim to arrive on time and as a complete group. 

We request you use the hand sanitiser gel on arrival and at anytime you wish during your visit and will keep your jackets and outerwear with you at the table.

We would ask you to only use the restrooms as needed,  we will have a separate cleaning regime documented for you to read within these areas. We have also had to remove the lovely basket of ladies toiletries that would have posed another touch point risk....apologies.

We ask you to pay at the table and not at the desk and will still accept cash and or card payments please.

Lastly, our guests and our team are entitled to be nervous and approach the new normal in their own way - we ask you to respect this whilst dining with us. Please be aware some may not have to wear face coverings for less obvious medical reasons.

We want you to feel safe and comfortable when you visit, please help us to help you. Any issues should be brought to our attention and not

directly with other guests.

Our music now has to be played at a low volume as to discourage "leaning in" to hear and we ask you to help by keeping table chat at a similar level...

Please remember the controls above were advised by local PH and we are obliged to comply.

If you have any concerns please ask to speak to Jon who has completed the risk assessments and will try to help or re assure.

Thank you Jon and Fernanda