Kindly note we don't have a 
children's menu - please ensure 
the menu content and price is acceptable for you and your

Full Vegetarian and vegan specific diets are gladly catered for with
advanced notice. 

Thanks Chef  "Carnivore" Jon  
(I've never made friends with salad)


 Our guests choose
their own smart casual
So feel free to dress up 
as much as you want.

Please no vests - football tops 
shorts, crocs.

Thank you Jon


We aim to
change our menu
from time to time and
try to keep the website as up to date as possible...
But sometimes
due to certain ingredients not being available
the content here could
without notice be different from the menu in the restaurant when you join us for dinner.

Thank you in advance
Chef Jon




~ Smoked Chicken and bacon Salad ~ 

Gem Leaves - beetroot - creamy garlic dressing - anchovies - herb croutons  £8.95

~ West Coast King Scallops and Black Pudding ~ 

  Fresh Pea broth with crispy prosciutto ham - truffle oil  £12


~ Twice Baked 3 cheese Soufflé ~ 

 Light béchamel glaze and spinach  £8.50


~ A rich Shellfish Bisque with Cognac  ~  

Mussels - crab - prawns - chives   £8.25


~ Campbells own Beech Smoked Salmon ~

 A milder flavour - capers - pink radish -  crème fraiche - dill   £10.95


   ~ Loin Fillet of Venison Pan roasted Pink ~ 

 Creamed savoy cabbage - Fondant potatoes - fine beans - sweet fig compote  £25.95


~ Sea Bass fillets and King Prawn Tails ~ 

  Red Thai Curry sauce  - leeks - Asparagus - crushed new potatoes  £22.95

~ Roast Rump of Marinated Lamb  ~

Panache Vegetables - garlic - mint - creamed potatoes - jus  £24.95


~  10oz Prime Scottish Sirloin Steak  - Griddled ~

    Grill garni -  onion rings -  home fries - peppercorn sauce   £28.95


~ Oven Roasted Chicken Breast ~

 Bubble and Squeak - Asparagus - Haggis Bon Bon - mustard cream £18.95


~ 8oz centre cut Fillet of Scottish Beef ~ 

   Mushroom sauce - truffle oil - vegetables - garlic potatoes -  £34.95


All our main course dishes are subtly garnished

But please feel free to add a freshly prepared side order if you wish:


Creamed Spinach - Truffle oil and parmesan fries - Cauliflower Cheese Gratin - Onion Rings    –   £4 each

Dessert and Coffee


      ~ Sticky Toffee and Date Pudding  ~

          Salted caramel sauce - Ice cream   £7.50


~ Vanilla Crème Brulee ~

        Berries and lemon Shortbread   £7.50


                         ~ Caramelised Apple and Cinnamon “Tarte Tatin” ~  

    Vanilla ice cream - Calvados Sauce Anglaise  £7.50

 ~ A Selection of Cheese  ~

            Chutney - Apple - wheat crackers  -  £9.95

     ~  Warm Baked Pear and Almond Frangipane ~

       Sweet Pastry case - berry coulis - Strawberry Ice cream  £7.50


       Try a freshly shaken Espresso Martini cocktail  

Classic or Salted Caramel £8.25


     Cafetiere Coffee or Tea with Home made Tablet  £3.50 

Allergies and dietary restrictions

This is important to us here at the restaurant.

I would kindly ask you to help us by reading
this information below

If you have any known allergies, dietary restrictions or intolerances
I ask that you make this known to us at the time of booking.

We will ask the question when you reserve so please tell us.

You maybe making the reservation for others so
have this information to hand before you book. 

Our kitchen area is in one room - I store, prepare
and cook and serve your food in this one area.

This is particularly important to anyone with

an "airbourne" nut allergy. 

I cannot 100% Guarantee that any foodstuff will remain
free from allergens before and after
delivery, during prep, cooking and serving.

I will always make your requirements a priority 
and do what I can to ensure your food is safe and ok to eat.
Dishes (but not all) may be adaptable with regards to the above.

All care is taken when I prepare meat and fish but it
could be possible that some small bones remain.

If you wish to discuss any of the above or have a specific
request then please call me and i will gladly try to help.

Thank You Chef Jon